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man putting in eye drops for dry eye

Dry Eye

Dry eye is more than an uncomfortable condition. It is a chronic, progressive eye disorder with treatment options. At Optometry Clinic, PC, we passionately and aggressively treat dry eye. The major cause of dry eye is inflammation in the oil glands (meibomian glands) of the eyelids. This inflammation leads to blockage of oil production, which leads to eventual oil gland destruction. We take a multi-treatment approach to truly restore oil gland function. Call to schedule your dry eye assessment today!

man putting in eye drops for dry eye
older man getting eye exam for glaucoma


Glaucoma is a silent eye disease. It is a condition in which your eye pressure gradually increases, physically damaging the optic nerve, leading to permanent vision loss. One typically will not feel glaucoma or notice the subtle vision loss until it is much too late. We check eye pressure and look at the optic nerves during every yearly comprehensive exam. If we are ever suspicious that a patient may be at risk to develop this disease, we would schedule further testing. This testing includes: checking the thickness of the cornea, double checking eye pressure, looking at the openness of the drainage angles, checking optic nerve thickness, and measuring any amount of vision loss. If changes are noted, we would begin treatment and monitor for change over time.

older woman eye exam for macular degeneration

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the breakdown of the macula, which is the area of the retina responsible for your fine, detailed central sight. This is typically a disease related to aging, but is also has many lifestyle risk factors. If we noted changes in the macula, we would get an ultrasound of that part of the eye, and also test how well it is functioning with a visual field test. Anything that keeps a patient young and healthy keeps their eyes young and healthy, too! To keep the risk down for macular degeneration, a patient should not smoke, should eat dark leafy green vegetables and should always use sun protection!

older woman eye exam for macular degeneration
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Diabetic Retinopathy

If a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, their primary care doctor will likely recommend extra close monitoring of the eyes. Diabetic eye disease is the number one loss of vision in working-aged adults. High blood sugar can affect every part of the eye, but the most common changes we see are in the retina. We look for tiny bleeds in the back of the eye and refer patients out for treatment if these bleeds become vision threatening. The best prevention of vision loss with diabetes is through lifestyle changes and by working closely with the patient’s primary care doctor to lower blood sugar.

woman eye testing

Binocular Vision Disorders

Binocular vision disorders can take on many forms. Essentially, the two eyes want to work together as a team! We always evaluate your eye efficiency during yearly exams. The symptoms of a poorly functioning binocular vision symptoms can include headaches, short attention span, losing place while reading, double vision, tired eyes and many more. There are so many options to improve how the eyes function! We usually start with discussing vision therapy, anti-fatigue lenses, visual hygiene (take breaks at the computer) and prism glasses. This is especially important if a patient has ever been diagnosed with conditions like ADD and ADHD.

woman eye testing
woman with cataracts eye exam


Cataracts are a natural part of aging. The lens of the eye gets yellow and cloudy over time. As this condition progresses, vision gets cloudy and the glare from bright lights can become a problem. At this point, we will walk through the options relating to surgery. To keep cataracts slow growing, use sun protection, do not smoke, keep blood sugar low and eat vegetables while living a healthy lifestyle.

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